NaturalDAO is a network of DEX and D-Payments. It completely eliminates human interference, and is run and managed by smart contracts. Right after a token's ICO succeeds, a decentralized exchange network i.e. the IADS Network will be initiated, and meanwhile, a payment network is ready as well. But, wait for a minute, please.

NaturalDAO's decentralized and censorship-resistant mechanism creates a decentralized stable coin NDAO with constant intrinsic value. NDAO is controlled by algorithm and smart contract, means its price is absolutely stable in the decentralized markets, including the investment market (exchange) and the consumer market(payment). This is the first time we make a stable coin that its price is really stalbe in the decentralized markets. Circulation of this stable coin can greatly push forward application of blockchain technologies in business and economy.

Thus in the IADD Network (Instantly and Automatically Deployed Deswap Network) the stable coin NDAO will be in circulation and it will eventually be adpoted in non-investment markets and people's daily life such as retail etc. This will provide a revolutionary solution for application of blockchain technologies in business and economy.