5. Deverlopment Path of DAism

The Mission of DAism

After a decade of exploration, blockchain, through the hardcore developments of tokens and smart contracts, has demonstrated the tremendous power of fundamental values such as decentralization, anti-censorship, trustlessness, permissionlessness, anonymity, and more. The proof-of-work in Bitcoin and the current proof-of-stake in Ethereum are the most successful governance mechanisms aligning with these fundamental values. However, these achievements have primarily been at the public chain layer rather than the decentralized application layer. We recognize the urgent need for effective governance in the development of dApps and a reasonable governance solution for decentralized swap markets. Now, DAism's governance consensus, "Proof of Value" (PoV), will complete the construction of Good tokenomics and provide a solid governance foundation for the flourishing of dApps' development!

Development of DAism

DAism is initiated and deverloped by NaturalDAO. DAism is a public platform that follows the SC0 protocol and the development is entirely in an open manner.


  • March 1, 2019 - March 19, 2019: IADD Network Development Planning

  • March 20, 2019 - June 19, 2019: IADD Network Development Team Discussions

  • June 20, 2019 - August 19, 2019: IADD Network Code Implementation

    • June 20, 2019 - July 20, 2019: Completion of Demo Code

    • July 21, 2019 - August 19, 2019: Demo Internal Testing and Discussions

  • August 20, 2019 - December 20, 2019: Ethereum Token Image Storage

    • Image Format Exploration

    • Exploration of EIP-2569 Technical Standards

    • Development of DHonor.io Project

    • Development of DeMe.app Project

  • 2020 Q1: Project Expansion

    • Comparison NFT development of ERC-1155 and ERC-721 Demos

    • Trial of DHonor.io (later switched to the domain: dhonor.goh.cool), Commemorative Token Design

    • Trial of DeMe.app

  • 2020 Q2: Project Exploration

    • Theoretical exploration of DAO and the DAism framework

    • Third-party community practices for reputation

    • Exploration of platform structure

  • 2020 Q3: Personnel Changes, Work Transition

    • Co-founder responsible for development leaves, new member joins, development work transitions

  • 2020 Q4: Contract Development Technology Upgrade, Frontend Development Initiated

  • 2021: EIP-3712 Token Standard Published

    • Comprehensive review of DAism's design, modification of several protocols, and smart contract code details.

  • March 2023: First Smart Contract Audit

  • May 2023: Second Round of Audit

  • Third Round of Audit: Fairyproof

  • Fourth Round of Audit: Certik

  • 2024 Q1: Deployment to Ethereum Test Network for Public Testing

  • 2024 Q2: Official Launch

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