2. The Composition of Proof-of-Value

The consensus proof-of-value of DAism is woven together by seven major governance protocols, one governance network, and two significant governance funds.

The Proof of Value in DAism is interwoven with three parts:

  1. Seven governance protocols: Smart Commons' Hardcore Protocol Decentralized Minting Protocol Protocol of Decentralized Autonomous Fund Protocol of Valuation Token's Supply Protocol of Unit Token Protocol of Decentralized Exchange Protocol of Universal Payment

  2. One governance network: IADD Network, Instantly and Automatically Deployed De-valuation Network, is composed of multiple governance protocols, providing universal and indispensable valuation(exchange) and settlement functionalities for all Smart Commons. IADD Network inherits the decentralized market mechanism from Bancor Network, a groundbreaking innovation. Coupled with innovations in measuring token units, token issuance, market supply mechanisms, and more, DAism fundamentally disrupts the underlying logic of the existing decentralized exchanges(DEXs). This involves challenging the age-old economic principles of the human world, creating unique market economic principles specific to blockchain, and, based on this foundation, overturning the traditional economic value theories to create blockchain economic value theories and implement decentralized methods. There's a remarkable innovation, we call it Houji Prize, which is as simple as this sentence: A 2% transaction fee on valuation token exchange serves as a bonus for the development team of the Smart Common to which the valuation token belongs.

  3. One governance fund: šŸ’– Hayek uToken Fund It's supposted to be a Human Welfare Fund.


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