1. Abstract

"Natrural DAO" is a philosophical thought from the Tao Te Ching, meaning that the law reflected in everything is "Mother Natural". NaturalDAO is runing based on decentralized rules. It deploys a DEX network and a payment network for Ethereum's economy based on the rules of the decentralized market itself and the control of smart contracts and algorithms.

To build a functioning decentralized world driven by blockchain it is critical to establish various "rules" and "laws", which the most important ones are smart contract standards, protocols and networks.

After the outbreak of ICO, we quickly discovered that there were various problems. One of the problems is the lack of a uni-exchange based on decentralized blockchain technology.

Currently there are three popular ways to list and trade a token.

  1. Listing and trading a token in a centralized exchange e.g. Binance.

This is a traditional way which is both centralized and the least cost-effective. A token issuer has to pay huge commissions including a "listing fee", "service fee", "token price bolstering fee" etc to an exchange.

Quite often this hurts a token issuer's interests and hurts investors' interests as well, which we all witnessed in 2018's market crash.

  1. Listing and trading a token in Bancor

Although Bancor doesn't charge a trading fee, means it still charges a token issuer a listing fee. A token issuer has to buy equivalent BNT as a reserve to build a trading pair with its token. This is an alternative listing fee a token issuer pays as a pledge, and as long as the token issuer wants to trade its token in Bancor this pledge can never be revoked. In addition the trading price of a token paired with BNT suffers from BNT's price volatility.

  1. Listing and trading a token with Uniswap exchange protocol

This way a token issuer no longer relies on a single entity to provide liquidity. But in this case people who provide liquidity (trading pairs) may lose money therefore active trading of a token needs willing people to provide liquidity. Without those people a token issuer has to jump in and provide liquidity to bolster trading. This would result in possible collusion between a token issuer and liquidity providers or manipulation of market by liquidity providers, and they might gradually, naturally and eventually be in cahoots with each other.

We propose a real DEX network(IADD Network) and introduce a real stable coin NDAO to solve these aforementioned issues. Our solution doesn't need any party especially a token issuer to spend money and resources to bolster trading, while bearing a huge risk of losing money. In our solution right after the very first token's ICO completes , a decentralized exchange will be initiated by NaturalDAO and a trading pair between the token and NaturalDAO will be listed. You can then buy or sell the token in the exchange. As more tokens are listed in the exchange you will be able to buy or sell any tokens listed in the exchange. NaturalDAO is a Uni-exchange Network.

The stable coin NDAO is issued by NaturalDAO utilizing a decentralized and decensored mechanism. NDAO's price on NaturalDAO or decentralized markets is absolutely stable. Therefore adoption of NDAO has big potentials to turn blockchain technologies into real popular applications.

After deploying the DEX network(IADD Network) and the decentralized stable coin NDAO and several specific smart contracts, NaturalDAO can be perfectly applied to all payment needs in the blockchain. NaturalDAO will become a decentralized payment network of Ethereum!

In summary, NaturalDAO is a network of decentralized exchange and decentralized payments , which is automatically deployed.