White Paper

3. DAism Framework

Several core protocols and IADD network.
A framework is essentially a structure that shapes and supports an object.
In terms of IT technologies a framework is a structure that shapes and supports a scalable system. Based on this structure people can scale the system and add components to quickly and conveniently construct a system solution.
DAism's framework is a design of flat structure. The key of the framework is to allow any one to contruct and scale DAOs within the same fundamental structure and aiming at the same economic objects.
And to design an ideal UI framework will be one of the biggest challenges going forward.
The DAism framework is completely composed of protocols. Some of the protocols are scalable and evolvable and others are predefined and solid rules that form a specific network.
Therefore the DAism framework can be categorized into the following two parts:
  • Core Protocols
  • Network
The Core Protocols provide the most foundamental logical support and technical standards. All the third party developed modules or DApps built on these protocols will provide practical tools and utilities for DAOs.
The Network here refers to the IADD network which is being built and developed. This network provides universal and indispensable payment and trading functions for all DAOs.
Apart from all the existing implementations of DAOs, although DAism can trace its root back to Ethereum, it chanllenges Ethereum on some basic rules and mechanisms. The challenged rules and mechanism include an innovative token issurance system(for both fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens), DEX, DPayments, Unit Token, decentralized autonomous fund protocol, decentralized onchain storage protocol for token images(EIP-2569) etc. Each of these has innovations brought forward by the DAism team. All of them are listed under the "Workshop" menu on DAism's home page(daism.io).