6. NatrualDAO Protocol
    NaturalDAO is a DAO, and the fund is managed by NaturalDAO Foundation.
    The IADD Network's smart contract verifies an ICO's status by relying on its source code and on-chain data but doesn't judge its purpose or quality etc.
    A token issuer has to do an ICO on this platform. In the future we will explore other options for an ICO.
    A token issuer who uses this network to initiate an ICO can only get NDAO instead of the raised token, which in general is ETH, after the ICO succeeds. That means if investors send ETHs to the ICO address, all ETHs will be converted to NDAOs and the NDAOs will be sent to the token issuer. The ETHs' ownership will be released from the token issuer.
    After an ICO succeeds, additional ICO tokens will be issued and transferred to the exchange as a reserve for trading. These additonally issued tokens' ownership will be released from the token issuer and this re-issurance cannot be reverted.
    If DAism is attacked and the tokens in this exchange are stolen, DAism can provide transaction records as evidence but will not be responsible for compensation or guarantee the attacked system will be back to work.
    DAism will not form a trading pair for a token in any of the following cases:
      An ICO succeeds but the token issuer doesn't send all raised fund(s) e.g ETH to NSC's contract address.
      An ICO's contract is able to re-issue tokens.
      An ICO does'n succeed.
      An ICO is still on-going and hasn't ended yet.
      An ICO's contract has serious bugs. For instance the contract still takes investment after an ICO reaches its hard cap.
    If DAism has issues or fails it is not responsible for any compensation.
    DAism is deployed and runs on Ethereum. DAism will not be responsible for any aftermath should an attack on Ethereum cause DAism out of order or loss of tokens that are traded in it.
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